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Honda GX240K1 GX270 GX340K1 GX390K1 Oil Change Guide

Oil change steps

Change the engine oil with the engine warm and in a horizontal position to assure complete and rapid draining.

1) Remove the oil filter cap, dipstick and drain bolt. Allow the oil to drain completely.

2) Reinstall the drain bolt and tighten it to specified torque (23 Nm, 17 ft-lb)

3) Fill the crankcase with the recommended engine oil to the outer edge of the oil filler neck. Reinstall the filler cap and dipstick.

Honda GX240K1 GX270 GX340K1 GX390K1 Oil Change

Honda GX240K1, GX270, GX340K1 and GX390K1 oil capacity = 1.1 liter (1.16 U.S. qt, 0.97 Imp. qt)

Honda engine oil recommendations

Use Honda 4-stroke oil or an equivalent high-detergent premium quality motor oil certified to meet or exceed U.S. automotive manufacturer's requirements for Service Classification SG.SF/CC.CD. Motor oils classified SG.SF/CC.CD. will show this designation on the container.

SAE 10W-30 is recommended for general all temperature use.

Other viscosities shown in the chart may be used when the average temperature in your area is within the indicated range.

Honda engine oil temperature chart

Do not overfill with engine oil.

Check the engine oil with the engine positioned horizontally.

Used engine oil can cause skin cancer if repeatedly left in contact with skin for prolonged periods. Although this is unlikely unless you handle used oil on a daily basis, it is still advisable to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible after handling used motor oil.

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