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Tecumseh Engine Exhaust Valve Failure Due To Carbon Build-Up

REVISED: June1995  
SUBJECT: Analysisof FieldFailureExhaustValves  
Tecumseh has recommended the use of unleaded gasoline for many years to reduce carbon build-up. Since July 1,  
984 all production engines have used an austenitic steel exhaust valve.  
An evaluation of field returned exhaust valves, found that majority of the valves had carbon build-up only. The  
valve could have been cleaned and placed back into the engine. The valve seat must also be cleaned and inspected  
and recut if necessary.  
The quality and durability of the austenitic steel exhaust valves have increased valve life significantly. When  
performing valve service be sure to clean and inspect the valve carefully. Tecumseh will continue to provide  
warranty coverage for any valve defect, however, carbon buildup alone will not be considered a warrantable  
reason for exhaust valve replacement.  
Should the valve be burned, pitted or refaced, it then becomes necessary to complete a proper valve job. The valve  
seat must be recut whenever a new or refaced valve is installed into the engine. Proper procedure for valve, seat  
refacing and setting valve lash can be found in the Mechanic’s Manual.  
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