Poulan Micro XXV Chainsaw To Pro Chainsaw Models

Why more and more people are asking for a chainsaw they can't even pronounce.

Poolen. Pullen. Polann.

With a name like Poulan, getting people to say the name right may be asking a lot.

On the other hand, people ask an awful lot of our saws. Quick starting. Extra cutting power. Quiet operation. Beautiful styling. Durability. Affordability.

And we deliver all that plus a lot of other standard features, no matter which Poulan chainsaw they buy. From Poulan Micro XXV right on up to our Poulan Pro chainsaw models.

At Poulan, we figure the more we put into our chainsaws, the less people have to put into cutting.

Maybe that's why more and more people keep asking for our chainsaws. And as long as they keep doing that, they can say the name any way they like.



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