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Tecumseh Engine Crankshaft Straightening Service Bulletin 102

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ISSUED: November 1966

REVISED: June 1995

SUBJECT: CrankshaftStraighteners

Periodically we are asked whether we approve of straightening crankshafts in the field and our answer is definitely NO, and for very good reasons.

A bent crankshaft is caused by hitting a solid object and almost invariably involves a rotary type mower. It takes a terrific force to bend a relatively short shaft 3/4'’ to 1'’ in diameter and when this occurs the possibility of creating undetectable cracks in the metal are most likely. Even if “straightened” eventual metal fatigue can result with the possibility of serious injury to the user.

Those straightening devices which use the engine bearing as a fulcrum while bending the shaft, subject the bearing to forces which it was never designed to stand.

Use of these devices is, of course, a personal decision but it is to be clearly understood the Lauson-Power Products will assume no liability as a result of a crankshaft being presumably straightened and the customer should be so informed.

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