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Opti-Mizer Fuel Stabilizer

After receiving multiple requests from customers about the availability of packet sized fuel stabilizer, we are happy to announce that we now carry 1.4oz (40ml) Opti-Mizer fuel stabilizer pouches.

Opti-Mizer Fuel Stabilizer

- For use in every 4-cycle engine
- To protect engines before, during, and after operation
- Use any time fuel is stored
- For use in fuel cans or tanks

- Fuel stabilization up to 24 months.
- Extra corrosion protection.
- Engine & carburetor detergency.
- Easy starting.
- Exclusive top cylinder & valve lubrication.
- Keeps fuel fresh.
- Prevents resin & gum formation.
- Protects entire fuel system.

- Contains exclusive Valve Guard upper cylinder lubrication.
- Protects maximum fuel quality.
- Stops fuel from becoming “stale”.

- Today’s fuels need to be stabilized, as the quality of fuel is not what it used to be.
- Extends engine life.

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