Briggs & Stratton Transportguard

After attending the recent 2011 Briggs & Stratton Technical Update Seminar, we were impressed with some of the latest improvements to the Briggs & Stratton engine line. Among these are the innovative new Transportguard System which integrates the engine ignition shut off with the fuel shut off. This is a great solution to the age old problem experienced during transport of engines when the operator forgets to close the fuel valve and fuel continues to flow into the engine as a result of fuel movement in the float bowl. The results of this problem have been oil contamination, fouled spark plugs, hydraulic lock and in many cases subsequent engine failure.

Briggs & Stratton Transportguard

While the Transportguard System in currently only available on select Vanguard engine models, we hope Briggs & Stratton will continue to add it to other models in the future.

Another impressive new option is the addition of a flexible oil drain hose for snow engines. While this has been around for a while on tractor engines it will be a welcome feature to aide in oil changes on show throwers.

Among the other matters discussed at seminar were air filtration improvements, fuel solenoid improvements and a host of other innovations. Once again Briggs & Stratton has shown us why they have always been, and continue to be, a leader in engine innovation.

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