Zama RB-47 Carburetor Kit
Part description: Zama RB-47 carburetor kit for complete
rebuild and repair.

Replacement carburetor repair kit for Zama models:  
C1U-W10, C1U-W10A, C1U-W10B, C1U-W10C,
C1U-W12, C1U-W12A, C1U-W12B, C1U-W13,
C1U-W13A, C1U-W13B, C1U-W16, C1U-W16A,
C1U-W16B, C1U-W16C, C1Q-E3, C1Q-E4, C1Q-E6,
C1Q-E6A, C1Q-W11, C1Q-W11A, C1Q-W11B,
C1Q-W11C, C1Q-W11D, C1Q-W11E, C1Q-W11F,
C1Q-W11G, C1Q-W31, C1Q-W31A, C1Q-W31B,
C1Q-W34, C1Q-W34A, C1Q-W35, C1Q-W35A,
C1Q-W36, C1Q-W36A, C1U-W22, C1Q-W37,
C1Q-W38, C1Q-W39, C1Q-W40, C1Q-W41  

Zama RB-47 carburetor kit for Poulan, Weed Eater and
Craftsman trimmers and blowers including FL1500,
FL1500LE and other models.

For gasket and diaphragm kit use Zama GND-18.
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