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Tecumseh Oil Filters  
Find Tecumseh oil filters by OEM part number in the oil filter parts list below.  
36262 / 36961 Oil Filter  OHV15, OHV16  

36563 Oil Filter  OHV130, OHV135, OHV150, OHV155, OHV165, OHV175,
OHV180, OV series, TVT691, VTX series

740079 / 27625 Oil Plug  H, HH, HM, HS, HSSK, HT35, HXL35, LAV, LEV, LH195, LV148,

Tecumseh Oil Seals  
About Tecumseh Oil Filters:

Oil Filters are usually only found on larger
displacement Tecumseh engines. The
presence of an oil filter should not be
considered as a reason to extend the oil
change time intervals. Oil filters not only
extend the life of engine oil but they
increase the ability of engine oil to lubricate,
cool and clean the inside of your engine
which is even more important for larger
displacement engines. Performing an oil
change and replacing the oil filter at regular
intervals is perhaps the most important thing
you can do to increase the performance
and life of your engine. Refer to your
owner’s manual for recommendations on
how often to change the oil and filter for
your Tecumseh engine model.

Purchasing bulk Tecumseh oil filters can not
only be a way to save money, it can serve
as a motivation to change your oil and filter
on schedule.
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