Small Engine Parts
Honda Small Engine Mufflers  
Find Honda small engine mufflers and exhaust parts by OEM part number in the
muffler parts list below.  

18310-ZE2-W00 / 18320-ZE2-W01 Muffler  GX240, GX270  

18310-ZE2-W61 / 18320-ZE2-W61 Muffler  GX340, GX390  

18310-ZL0-000 / 18320-ZF1-H51 Muffler  GX120, GX160, GX200  

18331-883-810 Muffler Deflector  G150, G200, GX120, GX160, GX200  

18331-ZE2-810 / 18331-ZE3-810 / 18331-ZE3-811 Muffler Deflector  GX240, GX270, GXV270, GX340, GXV340, GX390, GXV390  

9002-ZG0-003 Muffler Deflector Screws  GX120, GX160, GX200, GX240, GX270, GX340, GX390, GXV270, GXV340, GXV390  

Exhaust Gaskets  
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