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Honda GCV135 parts lookup list:
15721-zm1-000 tube, breather
17211-zl8-023 air filter
17220-zm0-030 case assy., air cleaner
17228-zm0-000 gasket, air cleaner
17231-z0l-050 cover, air cleaner   
14320-zl8-010 pulley, camshaft
14324-zl8-000 shaft, cam pulley
14400-zl9-013 belt, timing (79hu7 g-200)
14461-zl8-000 shaft, rocker arm
90012-333-000 screw, tappet adjusting
90206-001-000 nut, tappet adjusting
91301-zm0-v31 o-ring (6.8x1.9) (arai)
14431-z0j-000 arm, in. valve rocker
14441-z0j-000 arm, ex. valve rocker
16010-883-015 gasket set
16013-zl1-003 float set
16015-887-782 chamber set, float (carburetor no.)
16016-zg0-w00 screw set (carburetor no.)
16024-ze1-811 screw set, drain (carburetor no.)
16028-zk7-s91 screw set
16029-zg0-901 screw set (throttle stop) (carburetor no.)
16100-zm1-825 carburetor assy. (bb64f d)
16155-zm0-003 valve, float (carburetor no.)
16166-zm1-003 nozzle, main
16211-zl8-000 insulator, carburetor
16212-zl8-000 gasket, insulator
16221-883-800 gasket, carburetor
16228-zl8-000 gasket, carburetor
19650-zm0-000 guide, air
93500-05006-0h screw, pan (5x6)
99101-124-0550 jet, main (#55) (carburetor no.) (optional). use up to engine sn bb64b c.
99101-124-0580 jet, main (#58) (optional).
99101-124-0600 jet, main (#60) (carburetor no.) use up to engine sn bb64b c.
99101-124-0620 jet, main (#62) (carburetor no.) use from engine sn bb64f a.
16551-zm0-010 arm, governor
16555-zm1-000 rod, governor
16561-zm1-v30 spring, governor
16562-zm1-000 spring, throttle return
16574-ze1-000 spring, lever
16575-ze2-w00 washer, control lever
16577-zm0-v30 plate, lever center
16578-ze1-000 spacer, control lever
16580-zm0-v31 base, control
16612-zm0-v30 lever, choke
16674-zm0-v30 rod, choke
17272-zc3-300 collar, in. joint
35120-zl8-003 switch assy., engine stop
87532-zm0-v30 mark, throttle indication
13310-zm1-600 crankshaft
90402-zl8-000 washer, thrust
12209-zm0-003 seal, valve stem use from engine sn 1623460.
12310-z8a-000 cover, cylinder head
12355-zl8-000 cover, breather (breather valve assy.)
14711-z0j-800 valve, in.
14721-zl8-000 valve, ex. (l8e)
14751-zl8-000 spring, valve
14771-ze1-000 retainer, in. valve spring
90013-883-000 bolt, flange (6x12) (ct200)
90014-952-000 bolt, flange (6x14) (ct200)
91201-zl8-003 oil seal (25.4x62x6)
98079-56846 spark plug (bpr6es) (ngk)
12000-zl9-425 cylinder assy.
16854-zh8-000 rubber, supporter (107mm)
04103-z0l-000 petcock assy. use up to engine sn 1623712.
16950-zm0-003 petcock assy. use from engine sn 1623713.
16956-zm0-000 bracket, petcock use up to engine sn 1623712.
17620-zl8-023 cap assy., fuel tank use up to engine sn 1622109.
17620-zl8-023 cap assy., fuel tank
17622-zl8-003 sponge, fuel cap breather
17624-zl8-013 gasket, fuel cap
17702-zm0-000 tube, fuel use up to engine sn 1623712.
17702-zm0-800 tube, fuel use from engine sn 1623713.
19610-zm1-010za cover, fan *nh1* (black)
19619-zl8-300 collar, fan cover
33609-gk4-620 collar, fr. turn signal
90041-zl9-000 bolt, stud (h=35.5mm)
93891-05010-08 screw-washer (5x10)
95001-55003-60m bulk hose, fuel (5.5x3000) (5.3x135)
13331-357-000 key, special woodruff (25x18)
19612-zm0-j20 plate, side  use from engine sn 1623728.
19612-zm0-000 plate, side  use up to engine sn 1623727.
30500-zl8-014 ignition coil (use for f/w of tec)
31110-zl9-003 flywheel comp. (use for ign. coil of tec)
90013-883-000 bolt, flange (6x12) (ct200)
90022-888-010 bolt, flange (6x20) (ct200)
90201-878-003 nut, special (14mm)
32195-zm0-800 wire, stop switch
90681-959-003 clip a, cable (3.8mm black) (nifco)
18310-zm0-010 muffler
18321-zl8-010 protector, muffler
18350-zl8-000 arrester, spark (optional).  
18356-zl8-000 plate, arrester number (optional).
18381-zl8-305 gasket, muffler (optional).
11300-zm0-v31 oil pan
16508-zm0-010 shaft, governor holder
16510-zm0-010 governor assy.
16511-zl8-000 weight, governor
16512-zm0-000 governor weight
16513-ze1-000 pin, governor weight
16531-ze1-000 slider, governor
16541-zm0-000 shaft, governor arm
90014-952-000 bolt, flange (6x14) (ct200)
90121-952-000 bolt, flange (6x25) (ct200)
90451-ze1-000 washer, thrust (6mm)
90602-ze1-000 clip, governor holder
91202-zm0-v31 oil seal (28x41.25x6) (nok)
94101-06800 washer, plain (6mm)
94251-08000 pin, lock (8mm)
94301-08200 pin, dowel (8x20)
15625-ze1-003 gasket, oil filler cap
15650-zm0-003 gauge assy., oil level
13010-zl8-003 ring set, piston (riken)
13101-zl8-000 piston
3 13111-ze0-000 pin, piston
13200-zl9-000 connecting rod
90001-ze1-000 bolt, connecting rod
90551-ze0-000 clip, piston pin (13mm)
28400-zl8-023zc starter assy., recoil (power red)
28400-zm0-023za starter assy., recoil (black) use up to engine sn 1614892.
28461-zl8-003 starter grip
28462-zl8-003 starter rope
Honda GCV135 model list:
GCV135 A1A , JPN, VIN# GJAF-1000001 TO GJAF-9999999
GCV135 A2A
, JPN, VIN# GJAF-1000001 TO GJAF-9999999
GCV135 A2R
, JPN, VIN# GJAF-1000001 TO GJAF-9999999