Small Engine Parts
Fram C153 Oil Filter
Fram C153 oil filter application chart  
Allis-Chalmers 312 with Kohler K330 12.5 Hp engine
Allis-Chalmers 312 with Kohler K331 12.5 Hp engine
Davey Paxman 160wds with hercules Qxld engine
Kohler K330, K331
Massey Ferguson Te-20
Massey Ferguson To-20
New Holland 1280 with Ford 172 diesel engine
New Holland 1281 with Ford 172 diesel engine
New Holland 1290 with Ford 172 diesel engine
Fram C153 cross reference chart  
AC-Delco P1155
Baldwin T44-m
Big A 92107
Carquest 85107
Co-op Pmx-72n
Deluxe Wd-24
FVP G1010
General Motors 25012715
Group 7 L20701
Hastings Lf151
Kohler A-270192
Luber-Finer P3
Mann Filter Pf915n
Massey-Ferguson 830910-m91
Massey-Ferguson 841244-m91
Massey-Ferguson To-18662-2
Michiana Sa-15217s
Michiana Sa-15267
Mobil L20701
Mopar L-17
Motorcraft Fl245
Napa 1107
Nelson Wf-15
Purolator L20701
Quaker State L20701
Rol-Pak Fu-3-bp
Shell L20701
Teledyne Z-120l-000302
Teledyne Z-120l-305
WIX 51107
Fram filter
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