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Dolmar Spark Plugs
Find Champion spark plug numbers for Dolmar equipment in the model list below.  
Champion Spark Plug
Champion CJ6 spark plug  
Dolmar PC7314 cut off saw

Champion RCJ6Y spark plug  
Dolmar chainsaws 109, 111, 111i, 115i, 116Si, 120Si, PS6000i, PS6800i and PS9000

Dolmar cut off saws PC6212, PC6214, PC7312 and PC73

Dolmar trimmers and brush cutters LT30, MS30C, MS30U, MS340, MS3200, MS3210,
MS3300, MS3400, MS4000 and MS4500

Dolmar blowers PB250 and PB500R

Dolmar HP450 pressure washer

Champion RCJ7Y spark plug  
Dolmar chainsaws 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 122, 123, 128, 133, 133 Super, 144,
152, 153, 166, 310 and KMS4 Rotary

Dolmar cut off saws 143, 309-1 and 343-1

Dolmar Earth Drill 311

Champion RCJ8 spark plug  
Dolmar chainsaws 103, 105 and 108

Champion RCJ8Y spark plug  
Dolmar PS342 chainsaw

Champion RDJ7Y spark plug  
Dolmar chainsaws 100 Super, 102, 110i, 120, 120 Super, BC25, PS340, PS341, PS400 and

Dolmar trimmers LT250 and MS2501

Dolmar PE250 edger

Champion RN4C spark plug  
Dolmar generators G5800 and G6100R
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