DOLMAR PB-7601.4 Back Pack Blower  
Information and specifications for the DOLMAR model PB-7601.4 blower.
Dolmar PB-7601.4 Blower
Displacement: 75.6 cc Four Stroke Engine  
Horse Power: 3.8  
Weight: 23.6 lbs  
Fuel Tank Size: 1.9 liters  
Maximum Air Volume: 720 cfm  
Maximum Air Speed: 195 mph  
The Dolmar PB-7601.4 Back Pack
Blower features:
• Blows leaves, dirt, waste and even powder
• Powerful and smooth running OHV 4-
stroke engine  
• Low fuel consumption compared with low
• Low noise due to large designed muffler  
• Automatic decompression valve system for
easy starting  
• Adjustable and ergonomic joystick-handle  
• Sliding spark plug cover for easy access  
• Large capacity air cleaner - easy to access  
• Large capacity fuel tank for long working -
up to 80 min  
• Newly designed oil filling port and oil drain
• Comfortable and ventilated back pack
• Low weight due to most modern materials  
• Low vibrations thanks to spring damped
work unit   
DOLMAR PB-7601.4 Back Pack Blower
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