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In 1926 Andreas Stihl invented the world’s first electric powered chainsaw, one year later Emil Lerp
improved upon this idea by inventing the world’s first gasoline powered chainsaw. This first gas
chainsaw design by Emil Lerp was a two man style unit named Type A and weighed approximately 128
lbs. In deciding where to test the new gasoline chainsaw, Emil Lerp chose Mount Dolmar in the
Thüringer forest of Germany. Following the success of his new gas chainsaw invention, Emil Lerp
wasted no time starting the world’s first company to produce gas chainsaws that same year and named
the company Dolmar in honour of the testing site.
DOLMAR History  
DOLMAR Type A Chainsaw
1928 DOLMAR Logo
Other notable points in the history of Dolmar:

- In 1952 Dolmar produces its first one man chainsaw the CP model which featured a 102cc engine
and weighed approximately 30 lbs.
DOLMAR CP Chainsaw
- In 1957 Dolmar produces its first chainsaw with a new diaphragm style carburetor the CF model. This
new diaphragm carburetor allows the saw to operate in any position.
DOLMAR CF Chainsaw
- In 1975 Dolmar merged with Fichtel & Sachs and became known as Sachs Dolmar.
- In 1991 Sachs Dolmar becomes part of the Japanese tool company Makita and once again becomes
branded as simply Dolmar or Dolmar Power Products.
Today Dolmar, which is still headquatered in Hamburg Germany, continues its long history of innovation
and quality in outdoor power products. While the reputation of Dolmar is cemented in gasoline
chainsaws, the other product lines including the power cutters, trimmers and blowers are second to none
for quality and performance. For this reason Dolmar equipment is a top choice among professionals in
forrestry, tree services, land scaping and construction industries world wide.
1950 DOLMAR Logo
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