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Walbro Carburetor Parts
About Walbro Carburetors:

Walbro Corporation was started in Fenton, Michigan,
in 1950 by Walter Walpole after leaving his position
at Borg Warner Corporation Carburetors. Although
Walbro is today the largest manufacturer of small
engine carburetors, most of its production is in
automotive fuel pumps and other parts.

The Walbro line of carburetors and carburetor parts
for small engine applications is extensive. While the
majority of Walbro carburetors are diaphragm style
for small 2 cycle applications, they also produce float
style carburetors. Identifying the correct Walbro
carburetor kit, fuel filter or replacement carburetor
should start with a visual identification of the current
carburetor on your equipment. Once you have
identified your carburetor model, use the application
charts on our site to identify the correct parts, repair
kit or diaphragm kit.
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