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Find Tecumseh ignition parts by OEM part number in the ignition parts list below.  
30547A / 27948 / 27948A Breaker Set  H70, HH60, TNT100, TVM170  

30548 / 30548A / 30548B Ignition Condenser  H70, HH60, TNT100, TNT120, TVM170  

30560A Ignition Coil  For most magneto ignition engines  

33636 / 740009B Spark Plug  

34277 Spark Plug  

34443A / 34443B / 34443C / 34443D Solid State Ignition Module  LEV100, LEV115,
LEV120, LV148A, LV195EA, OVRM105, OVRM120

34645 / 740069 Spark Plug  

35062 Snowthrower Starter Key  Most Tecumseh snow blower engines  

35135 / 35135A Solid State Ignition Module  HM80, HM90, HM100, HMSK80,
HMSK90, LH318SA, TVM220

35395 / 740081 Spark Plug  

36344A / 36344 / 37137 Solid State Ignition Coil  OHV110, OHV120, OHV125,
OHV130, OHV165, OHV180, OV358EA, OV490EA

37395 Solid State Ignition Coil  OV691, TVT series, V series, VTX  series  

610118 Spark Plug Boot  

611049 Spark Plug  

611056 Solid State Ignition Coil  TC200, TC300, TCH series, TM series  

611100 Spark Plug  

Flywheel Keys  
Tecumseh ignition
About Tecumseh Ignition Parts:

The ignition system on Tecumseh engines
can differ greatly based on the model and
age of the engine. Older Tecumseh
engines use ignition systems that require
breaker points, condenser and a separate
coil. For proper ignition timing on these
systems the points must be clean and
properly adjusted. Newer Tecumseh
engines use solid state ignition coils which
have no breaker points or condenser;
however the air gap between the coil and
flywheel must still be adjusted to the
correct specification.

The first step in diagnosing the ignition
system on your Tecumseh engine is to
verify spark; however this does not
establish correct ignition timing and more
advanced testing is required. A common
misconception is that solid state ignition
coils are less likely to fail. While solid
state ignition coils do not have breaker
points to foul or condensers to fail, the
coil itself can fail and cause improper
ignition timing. Refer to the Tecumseh
service and repair manuals on our site for
more detailed ignition system information.

Common Tecumseh ignition parts found
in all systems regardless of age include a
spark plug (OEM Champion), spark plug
wire, spark plug terminal (with or without
a protective boot), flywheel and a
flywheel key. Failure of any one of the
ignition parts can cause engine
malfunction. Refer to our Tecumseh
engine parts lookup section to identify
your required part numbers.

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