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Makita Spark Plugs
Find Champion spark plug numbers for Makita equipment in the model list below.  
Champion Spark Plug
Champion CJ6 spark plug  
Makita EH561 and EH760 hedge trimmers

Champion L86C spark plug  
Makita generators G1200R, G2400R, G3500R, G2410R, G3510R, G3511R, G3510R and

Makita EW200R, EW300R, EW200TR and EW300TR centrifugal and trash pumps

Champion RCJ6Y spark plug  
Makita RBL500 blower

Makita chainsaws DCS6800iFL/FW, DCS9000FL/FW

Makita cut off saws DPC6200, DPC6201, DPC7000, DPC7001, DPC7300, DPC7301,
DPC9500, DPC9501

Makita EHW120 presure washer

Makita trimmers DBC300, DBC301, DBC340, DST300, RBE250

Champion RCJ8 spark plug  
Makita RBL250 blower

Makita trimers EM4251, RBC25A, RBC221, RBC230, RBC251, RBC252, RBC253,
RBC255, RBC260, RBC261, RBC310, RBC311, RBC321 and RST250 trimmers

Makita RBE250 edger

Makita Stick Edger

Makita RBL25A vacuum

Champion RCJ8Y spark plug  
Makita chainsaws DCS34, DCS330S, DCS340, DCS341, DCS342, DCS390, DCS391,
DCS400, DCS401, DCS430, DCS431, DCS460, DCS510, DCS520i, DCS5200i,
DCS6400, DCS6401, DCS6420, DCS7300, DCS7301, DCS7900, DCS7901 and DPC7003

Makita EW100R water pump

Champion RN4C spark plug  
Makita G5710R and G5711R generators
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