Jonsered Spark Plugs  
Find Champion spark plug numbers for Jonsered equipment in the model list below.
Champion CJ6 spark plug  
Jonsered L1LJ, M36, M361, M361AV and older 365 chainsaws

Champion RCJ6Y spark plug  
Jonsered B2126, BC2145 and BV2126 blowers

Jonsered 820 and 840 chainsaws

Jonsered FC2145, FC2145S and FC2145W trimmers

Champion RCJ7Y spark plug  
Jonsered BV32 blower

Jonsered 45ES, 49SP, 52ES, 66E, 66ES, 70E, 90W, 111S, 365, 435, 450, 510SP, 525, 535,
451EV, 521EV, 590, 621, 625 II, 630 Super II, 630S, 670 Champ, 801, 830, 910D, 910E,
920, 930S, 2036, 2036, 2040, 2045, 2050, 2051, 2054, 2055 CAT, 2063, 2065, 2071W,
2077, Pro 35 and Super III chainsaws

Jonsered CS2139T, CS2166, CS2172, CS2172H, CS2172W, CS2188, CS2238, CS2238S,
CS2240, CS2240S, CS2245, CS2245S, CS2250S, CS2255, CS2258 chainsaws

Jonsered M50, M52,  M80, M110, M60, M62, M601, M621, M75, M751 chainsaws

Jonsered Turbo chainsaws 041, 2036, 2040, 2041, 2045, 2050, 2051, 2054, 2055, 2063, 2065,
2071, 2071W, 2077, 2083, 2141, 2145, 2149, 2149W, 2150, 2159, 2159W, 2163W, 2163,
2165, 2171 and 2171W

Jonsered MK70 and MK80 cut off saws

Jonsered HT18, HT21, HT22 and HT24 hedge trimmers

Jonsered J200B, J200L, J220B, J220L, J260B, J260BA, J260BAV, J260DAV, J260L,
J260LA, J260LAV, J260TA, J300, J320BAV, J320LAV, J400, J420BAV, J450, J460BAV
and J8510BAV

Jonsered HP36 power pruner

Jonsered BP40 Combi, BP40 Combi Cat and BP2040C trimmers

Jonsered CC2128C and CC2235 trimmers

Jonsered GR24, GR24L, GR26, GR26D, GR26L, GR26CL, GR26 Combi, GR28, GR28L,
GR32, GR32D, GR32D CAT, GR32L, GR32L Cat, GR36, GR36 Cat, GR41, GR44, GR50
Pro, GR260, GR320, GR2026, GR2026L, GR2026D, GR2026CL, GR2032D, GR2032L,
GR2036, GR203020 trimmers

Jonsered GT32L, GT21L, GT22L, GT24L, GT25L, GT26D, GT26L, GT32L trimmers

Jonsered RS40, RS41, RS44, RS45, RS51 Pro, RS52 and R52E trimmers

Jonsered Split 40 Wood Splitter

Champion RCJ8Y spark plug  
Jonsered 2041 Turbo, 2094, 2095 Turbo and M510SP chainsaws

Jonsered Bandsaw Mill 6000+ with 2095 Turbo
Jonsered Mini Sawmill 600+ with 2095 Turbo

Champion RC12YC spark plug  
Jonsered LT15, LT16, and LT18 lawn tractors with Briggs & Stratton OHV engines

Jonsered RT5 tiller with Briggs & Stratton OHV 5.5 hp engine

Champion RC14YC spark plug  
Jonsered tractor with Briggs & Stratton Professional Series Vanguard OHV v-twin 27 hp engine

Champion RDJ7Y spark plug  
Jonsered 410, 420, 490, 510, 510M and 520SP chainsaws

Champion RJ19LM spark plug  
Jonsered push lawn mowers with Briggs & Stratton engines

Jonsered LT13 lawn tractor with Briggs & Stratton 13 hp engine

Champion RN9YC spark plug  
Jonsered J160FH22 lawn mower with Honda GSV-Series GCV160 engine

Jonsered J621ES, J627, J627ES and J630ES with LCT engines

Champion RN11YC4 spark plug  
Jonsered Iron Horse with Honda 5.5 h.p. & 9 h.p. OHV engines
Champion Spark Plug
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